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acupuncture effective vs long Covid

Study shows acupuncture effective vs long Covid

Please note – I’m not talking here about treating the virus that causes Covid, but the treatment of chronic symptoms caused by the virus, usually called long Covid. 


While the Covid pandemic isn’t over, there is positive news. Fewer people are getting very ill, symptoms seem to be getting milder overall and the rate of people developing long covid is also falling. 


Typical symptoms include difficulty breathing, fatigue and heart palpitations, but aren’t limited to these alone. 


The good news is that acupuncture seems to be effective for relieving these symptoms. My observations are supported by a recent study that looked into this question. 

The study (references are at the bottom of this post) found  a total effectiveness rate of 85% in treatment of long covid. 


The results showed the following:

  • 84.26% were cured of body pain

  • 82.35% cured of brain fog

  • 71% cured of irregular menses

  • 85.71% cured of shortness of breath and fatigue

  • 72 patients were cured clinically while 13 people didn’t respond to acupuncture treatment

The treatments followed traditional indications for acupoints – Lu 1 and Ren 17 for shortness of breath and low energy, Ren 13, Sp 9 for digestive disorders, Kid 3 and SJ 4 for dry mouth and thirst. UB 14 and 15 are recommended(If you are suffering from long covid and can’t see an acupuncturist for whatever reason, you can try acupressure on the above points). 


I’m seeing a lot of patients with symptoms of long Covid in my Collingwood and Meaford locations for acupuncture and herbal medicine and am finding that most people are responding well to treatment. This is particularly important, as it doesn’t seem that Western medicine has much to offer these patients. Chinese medicine, acupuncture and herbal medicine do. 


Please feel free to use the buttons above to ask any questions you may have or to book a consult at my Collingwood, Meaford and Toronto locations for acupuncture and/or herbal medicine. 


Here’s a link to the study –

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