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Respiratory Issues

Treating Lung & Respiratory Conditions with Chinese Medicine

Lungs And Respiratory Issue

Are you or your loved ones dealing with lung and respiratory conditions? Are you looking for a safe, effective holistic approach to treatment?  If so, then please reach out to discuss whether Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture could be a good choice for you. Please use the buttons below to book your 15 minute no-obligation, complimentary consultation or to book a full intake. You are also welcome to email me with any questions you have.

When we look at rates of asthma, allergies and include the effect that Covid often has on respiratory function, we can see how common lung issues are. Many people suffering from these and other conditions such as chronic coughs or repeated bouts of pneumonia or bronchitis.

On the mental/psychological level, the state of our breathing has a profound and immediate effect on our state of mind – we can see this in the importance that many traditions place on breathwork, such as in pranayama, qi gong and the holotropic breathwork of Stanislav Groff. We can also see it in the meditative technique of following our breath in meditation (which was the first meditation technique I learnt more than 20 years ago and which I continue to use and find helpful today).

So, while its easy to take for granted, breath is the basis of life, and any dysfunction in our lungs reduces the quality of our lives. To feel vital and healthy, we need to have smooth, full breathing that can support us in both repose and exercise on both the physical and psychological levels.

Chinese medicine is often very effective in treating lung issues. There are many herbs and formulas that act directly on the lungs and my experience is that many patients find relief and improvement in their lung conditions with acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine.

In your first appointment, I start by doing a complete assessment of all your symptoms, including ones that have no obvious connection to your lung issues (often, for example, there is a connection between digestion and respiration – this can be as simple as bloating causing pressure on the diaphragm, causing shortness of breath). We will also talk about your diet, lifestyle, sleep patterns, exercise levels and more so I can get a complete picture of your state of health. From there, we will talk about your health goals, and I will put together a treatment plan, which is your roadmap to better health.

While sometimes acupuncture alone is enough to deal with lung issues, often herbal medicines are necessary, particularly, for example, when there is persistent phlegm that needs to be expectorated from the lungs, or if the problems are more deeply lodged in the body. Chinese doctors have been dealing with these types of problems for a very long time and we have an arsenal of safe, effective herbs and formulas that have been honed and perfected over thousands of years. The key is accurate diagnosis and from there, the treatment presents itself. For example, if your child’s asthma gets worse in the winter, then we need to warm up his or her lungs. If the lungs are burdened by chronic phlegm, then we need to both strengthen the body to be able to get rid of it as well as provide lubrication with the herbs to support the body in doing so. And so on.

My experience is that using Chinese medicine, we are often able to eliminate or drastically reduce the need for western medications such as inhalers and steroids (only done in collaboration with your medical doctor). For many conditions and in many instances, Chinese medicine is an effective and safe way to deal with your lung issues.

Again, if you have any questions, please reach out, as I’m happy to talk to you about how I may be able to help you, or to see you at my Meaford or Collingwood clinics for an assessment.

I wish you the best in life and health.