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Gua Sha

Gua Sha

Gua sha, or scraping therapy, is a modality within Chinese medicine that has recently been gaining popularity in the west. The practice involves using a special tool to scrape the skin in order to release toxins and promote health and wellbeing. Gua sha is said to reduce muscular and joint pain, improve circulation, reduce inflammation, and boost vitality. While the practice is new to many people in the west, it has been used in China for centuries. 

While not a major part of Chris’ practice, he does it when its indicated, mainly to help relieve colds as well as to treat pain conditions. It’s usually done in conjunction with acupuncture. 

Please contact Chris to book a session at his Collingwood or Meaford clinic or feel free to use the button below if you have any questions. 

Gua Sha, Gua sha, or scraping therapy Collingwood